Friday, November 16, 2007

Brandy and the Cookie

...I looked around stupidly for a sec and then saw a short womanin a pretty... blue blouse smiling at me.

I hung out with Brandy yesterday!
I was a little early because I had to take care of my car payment before I could meet up with her, so I left my house early.
When I got to the mall, where we'd planned to hang out, I called her to let her know I was there. She'd had stuff to do too before coming to hang out, and she wasn't quite done, so she said she'd be there in a half hour. She also mentioned that she wanted to get something to eat when she got there. I was ok with that and told her so. I wouldn't eat with her, because I was supposed to go eat with the fam when I got home, but I would chat with her while she ate.
I waited, and waited and waited... or at least it felt that way! :) So about a half hour later, well, maybe 33 minutes, I was figuring I'd get a little snack and I was thirsty too. I stopped at subway and ordered a 21 oz coke and a sugar cookie. Just as the guy was ringing up my order I heard, "Hi Angi!".

I looked around stupidly for a sec and then saw a short woman in a pretty blue blouse smiling at me. It was Brandy! It took a second for my brain to catch up, I said hi back and then looked confusedly at the guy who was taking my money. We had never decided where we were going to eat and I didn't know if I should complete my transaction or not, because, what if she wanted to eat at not-the-mall? The guy had already poured my coke though, and I didn't want to make a big fuss over $2 bucks.

I grabbed my coke and my cookie and turned to Brandy to see what she wanted to do. We discussed it in a confused who-knows-what-to-say-when kinda way and finally settled on walking around the mall till it was decided.
We talked about how I went to Ross while I was waiting for her and she brightened up and said that she wanted to go to the Mexican restaurant over by the main movie theater. It was Tio somethings... I don't remember the full name, sorry.

We went to the Tio place, and she got a burrito, and I got a stuffed chile, only cause it looked sooo good, and it was! We talked about stuff, like how I met Rob. After we were done eating we walked over to Ross, cause she wanted to look around.

We talked about stuff while we browsed and she picked out some stuff she wanted to try on. She picked something and bought it then we left... well, I left and she went to Target. I had to go home to eat with the fam.

So, the reason for the long story is that it's actually a lead in to this morning. I never got around to eating that sugar cookie, and if you've ever had a cookie from subway you know they give them to you in those little paper bags. I was short on time this morning and looking for something to take with me to eat for breakfast, to basically tide me over till the donuts came (yay Friday!!), so I grabbed it from the table to take with me.

Just after I got to work I looked dubiously at the cookie debating on eating it or not eating it. After all, it'd been in that bag all night and was probably dry and crunchy. If you know me, you know I strongly dislike crunchy cookies. I was hungry though and decided to give it a try... I bit into it expecting a crunch and was very pleasantly surprised when ... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm soooooffffttt coooooookiiiiieeee.

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