Monday, March 19, 2007

Torture Tennis

...I thought the Wii primed me for playing this darned sportbut no... no it didn't...

OMG! Tennis is sooooo fun!

OK, so here's the story. A couple months ago we got the Wii. Wii's come with Wii sports. Wii Sports has Wii Tennis in it. So I played bowling, and Golf and all the games on the Wii... but whenever I got a chance to play single player, I played Tennis (we only had one controller at first, so it had to be single player). I'm pretty good at the Wii Tennis game now. So Wii Tennis turned out to be my favorite part of Wii sports, with Bowling as my second favorite.
So Since then we've been talking about getting racquets and actually playing tennis. So on Saturday, after my daughter's Gymnastics class, my daughter, my sister, and I went to a park down the street from my house to help her practice hand stands and cartwheels. As a side note to the story, I practiced cartweels too! I was able to do four in a row at one point. I'm a fatty so that's a big accomplishment.... lemme tell ya!

So, the park that we go to for those practices has a tennis court and my sister got to telling me how that's the one sport she really likes. She loves to play tennis! After the park we went home and were talking about all that to my BF. I had to go to wally world for something, so we were going to stop at the local used stuff place (in this case it was St. Vincent De Paul) to look for some racquets. We had been under the impression that racquets would be expensive, so that's why we went there. Anyway, we found a couple, but they were five bucks and they were all mini-sized or broken, so we left that place. My BF said we should check out Wallyworld since we would be going there anyway.We found some 23" racquets that seemed pretty perfectly sized for us. They were Jr. racquets btw. They were listed at about 6 bucks. Can't beat that, I thought. So we got them.

They turned out to be $8.88 but we got them anyway. I told my BF that I wanted to try them out before we went home, so we stopped at the aforementioned park and played for about 1/2 hour. It was so hard to hit the ball right! I thought that the Wii primed me for playing this darned sport, but no... no it didn't. I'm sure I was better than someone who'd never played anything like it before, but it sure didn't seem like it. The ball was all over the place, but after about 20 minutes we started really getting the ball to go back and forth like it should be. Mind you we scrapped the real rules for tennis in about 5 seconds once we realized that we were too green to get anywhere that way.

So the next day we went back again, this time with the kids. Now, I'll tell you right here that I was extremely sore from the tennis excursion the previous day, and the cartwheels. We played again anyway, and it was fun.

I love tennis. That's the moral of this story. I want to play more. Sunday, even though I was sore from playing both that day and the day before, I still wanted to go back for more once I got home and had some water. I'm going to go play again today. Yay! And probably tomorrow! Yay!

Here's some Tennis info (not an ad, just some stuff I wanted to be able to find easily):
The Rules of Tennis(PDF) from the website!

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