Saturday, March 24, 2007

Power outage? her mad rush attempt to escape the police ...subsequently wrapping her stolen taxiaround a telephone pole
- literally...

Friday nights we go to my boyfriend's brothers house for him to play role-playing games. This last friday night (last night) we went and all was normal till we came home. When we got back to our apartment the power was out. Weird. It was about 2 in the morning, when we pulled in some street lights were on, but we couldn't figure out if it was the entire neighborhood or just our apartment complex. If it was just our complex that would have been really odd.

We pulled out a flashlight and lit some candles to get ready for bed. The power didn't come back on for 20 minutes and we started to worry that it wasn't coming back on soon enough. On Saturday's my daughter goes to gymnastics, and this particular Saturday she had that and a birthday party because her birthday was just this past Thursday. What all that meant of course, is that we had to get up in time, we were also concerned about the food in the fridge.

We finally decided to call the power company to see if they knew about the power outage. The regular customer support line was supposed to have closed at 5pm on Friday so we didn't bother to call that one. The emergency line didn't answer. So we called the regular maintenance line instead. That one didn't answer either! So just to make sure, we called the normal electric company number. It had a recording on it that they knew about the power outage and were working on fixing it. The estimated time of fix was supposed to be in 60 minutes.

After waking up to the power being back on we didn't think much else of it. Until about 20 minutes ago, that is. We were watching the news, because it happened to be on, and found out that a girl had stolen a taxi cab... O.J. Simpson style. So, this girl, in her mad rush attempt to escape the police, decided to travel down a street in Glenwood, subsequently wrapping her newly stolen taxi around a telephone pole.... literally. This caused the utility pole to fall over, bringing with it several power lines in the process. Luckily, or possibly unluckily, the girl lived so far. She's currently in intensive care in our Sacred Heart medical center. Though if she makes it through this alive, she'll be brought up on many felony charges which will most likely end with her in jail for a long time.

Anyway, so that's why the power was out. Total Hollywood movie material, eh?

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