Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's back!

...I already have Windows 7 installed on it...

I'm so used to updating my Facebook, I keep forgetting to say things here. Maybe I should give up my blog? My life comes in these little snippets anyway, what do I need a blog for? All the stuff I want to write I feel like I can't put up here. lol

Anyway, on to why I'm in here in the first place... so recently my computer went down. I've been having issues with it for awhile, but then last week or was it the week before?? I tried to install Windows 7 on it. It seemed to go ok, till I rebooted. Then it wouldn't come back up. It would get to the Toshiba screen, where it gave you the option of hitting F12 or F2 to get to settings or BIOS, but you couldn't even hit those buttons. So needless to say, I called Toshiba and said "HELP!". They had me do some things, including holding down the 'o' while the system was booting up, which sets it back to factory settings, apparently.

That irritated me of course. It's a good thing I'd backed up my important data before doing the upgrade to Win 7. And lucky too! Because it turns out it was an issue with the harddrive. I ended up having to send it in, because after the 'o' reset, the system stopped getting even that far. The next time I rebooted it just went black. No lights, nothing. Dead. So Toshiba gave me some numbers and told me to drop it at the UPS store.

I had Rob drop it off for me the next day. It took some time, but I just got it back yesterday!! Freakin' Yay!! I already have Win 7 installed on it. I did it last night.

So anyway, that's pretty much it. I also started up the couch to 5k program again. Hopefully I'll get to week 4 before I have to quit again for surgery. Ok, I just looked at a calendar, it'll be week 3. heh.

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