Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

My daughter remembered, and my son gave me a big hug. So I'm happy.
I called my mom and told her Happy Mother's day! Yay me for remembering!!

So right now I'm doing dishes, I let them pile up for two days and now it's a huge load. Shame on me. I've been tired though, so I have an excuse.

Later today I think I'm going to work on creating some web templates for my site, if I have time.

We're having lasagna for dinner.... yay! I'm excited. I love lasagna! I even got some crescent rolls to go on the side. That should be good.

Oh, since I'm talking about my site, anybody got any good recommendations for content management? I'm looking at Drupal right now, but I'm not sure that'll be good for me. It seems awfully complicated, and the blog engine doesn't appear to have any place to add pictures easily. (I know how to add pics via html, but my family and friends that I'm hosting for don't.)

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Anonymous said...

So why did you have to do the dishes??

The Mole