Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lots of Stuff

...It's done now and it's AWESOME...

Yippee!! The desk is done! I don't know if I wrote about this before, but me and BF are/were making a desk. It's done now and it's awesome. Well, it's mostly done. We're going to put shelves up too, but we'll wait a bit for those because this was already alot of friggen work. So, here's some photos of the desk:

This one's blurry, sorry!!

The best pic of it.
The top, isn't it pretty?? I stained it myself!

Well, this post is all about the pictures, it seems. I have some more here, not of the desk, but something else just as cool. Most of my friends at work signed this HUGE get-well-soon card. I loved it so much I hung it up on my wall behind the new desk! So here are pictures of that, and if you can read their hand writing, you can see some of the signatures on it too.

The front

The inside

Well, that's it for the pictures. I have a movie too. My friend Joe did a funny thing with his eyes, so I'm putting that up here too. Here it is:

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