Thursday, April 03, 2008

April 20th

...and she was stunned. She loves it...

On April 20th my friend is getting married. She's really more like my sister, we've been friends since I was 16. I'm going to be the "priest". I also decided to make her a wedding dress because she said she was gonna "wear a skirt or something..." and that just wasn't ok. You only get married once (or so they say, anyway.) and she should be in a beautiful outfit.

If I remember to take pictures, I will post them here. So anyway, like I said, I'm making her a dress, and it's almost done, and I had her over today to surprise her with it and make sure it would fit her.

When she came over I had her close her eyes and walked her over to it. I told her it was not finished, but that she could look. She did and she was stunned. She loves it. I had her try it on, to make sure it fits right, and it does. I just have to put a couple darts under her boobs because it doesn't do them justice. lol :)

I still have yet to finish the sleeves, and hem the bottom, and sew up the sides, but over all, I think it's gonna turn out great! :)

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