Saturday, January 19, 2008


...They made sure I was the right person...

Surgery is over. It wasn't as bad as I'd thought it would be. It hurts now though! lol.

Here's how it went down. Thursday morning we got up bright and early. I took a shower, washing first with regular soap, then again with the special anti-bacterial soap I was given. It didn't smell so great, but it wasn't as bad as it could have been, I suppose.

After that we drove over to the hospital and my boyfriend dropped me off. He waited around for a bit, but they had stuff to do that he couldn't be back there for and he had to get the kids off to school.

My surgery was scheduled for 9:15 AM, and I got there just before 7:15 AM, which is when they told me to be there. I signed in and waited. They made sure I was the right person, and that my paperwork was in order, then they sent me back to get my gown on and whatnot.

I got on my gown in this little cubby of a room... well, not so much a room as a bed with curtains around it. The gown was really cool, there was this hose that you could hook up to the gown to make yourself warmer or cooler, like your own personal atmosphere. I got some little bootie slippers and talked to a nurse. They asked me those, when have you eaten last? and when did you last drink something? and all that.

Around 8 something, a nurse came over and said they were ready for me. Ready for me?? WTF? I wasn't supposed to go till 9:15!! They hadn't even gotten my IV in yet. So they picked up the pace, got my IV in and took me over to the Operating room.
I was so panicked about that IV, but the lady did a good job distracting me, and they numbed it before sticking in the actual IV.

It wasn't as big as you see on TV, but it was still cool, with all those lights and stuff. I made some jokes with the anesthesia guy and the attending nurse lady. They put me on a new table, like a plank really. It fit ok, but it was kind of nerve wrecking being on such a small table.

My arms were put up on these black boards that were away from the bed, like straight cactus arms. They put on a blood pressure cuff, and some of those sticky monitoring things, and I watched it all. The last thing I remember was verbally noting that my left arm looked blotchy from the antibiotics I was given.

Then, I woke up! There was a nurse talking to me about something... she asked me some questions, like who was supposed to pick me up. I remember it took a minute for me to answer here because it was hard to focus my thoughts. I looked at the clock and it was only 10'ish. That was good because, they'd told me it would be 5-6 hours. It was actually only a couple of hours, which gave me more time at home! Yay me!

They let me sit there for a minute, then I went back to recovery - the bed with the curtain around it. The BF came in to hang out with me and I ate some crackers, drank some juice, and had some pills. MMMMMmmmm... hee hee.

Then I went home! I'm on pain pills now, and yes, it hurts. I'm trying not to take too much because the big drugs I was given are supposed to be addictive. That, and I can't drive while I'm taking them. So I have to be off them by Monday so I can go to work. I may be late that day though... depends on how I feel.

Well, that's it for today. That was alot of typing. lol

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