Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'm not dead yet.

...The biopsy was almost as horrible as I'dimagined...

   So I'm probably ok. They did the biopsy last week and now I'm just waiting for the results. When the doc was in my boob looking around he found that the lump appears to just be really thick blood. (EWWW!) He also said that it should just go away on it's own. My boob hurt for the whole last week, it's just now starting to feel better. I don't have to step back when people get too close anymore.
   The biopsy was almost as horrible as I'd imagined it. Well, not really, it wasn't that bad after the first two needles, after that it was just weird. He wasn't able to do as much as he wanted; I think he wanted to remove it by sucking it out through a needle. They didn't have any needles the right size to do it with.

   So. I've decided to better myself. Not fully because of the C-word scare, but also because other people around me were doing stuff that I got involved in. My BF's sister was trying to get enrolled in college, and I was helping her with the stuff I've done already, like getting my fafsa pin and filling out the fafsa. We were talking about going to the Art Institute Online, which I would still like to go to, but the cost is too high. I compared that to the local community college and the price seemed to be less, so I signed up over there instead.
   You see how I kinda got drawn in? Anyway, I also decided (and this was closely related to the C-word scare) that I want to get weight-loss surgery if it turned out that I didn't have boob-cancer. Lap-Band surgery to be specific. I qualify, with a BMI of 42. Yeesh. I didn't realize I'd become such a tub-o-lard. I checked out my insurance, and they will cover most of it if I pre-qualify and I have a BMI over 40. Which... I do.
   I'm going to a seminar for it tomorrow night. They'll give me info that I already know, I'm sure... but I have to go in order to start the process. After that I'll call my insurance to start the pre-qualification process. I'm figuring that they'll only pay 90%, which means that I'll have to put up the extra 1000 bucks over that. I'm going to also have to follow a special diet regime for 6 months prior to the actual surgery. They do that to make sure you'll actually keep the weight off after getting the surgery so it's not a waste of time and money.

   That's all for now. I hope you are all having a great day. Oh, and one more thing. I'm going to try to do a video log of the whole surgery thing and post it to YouTube so keep an eye out for it. *hugs*

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