Monday, October 09, 2006

Grey's Anatomy + Lily Allen 4-EVER of the column dividers is about 6 pixels off...

You read it right! Lily Allen's music was onGrey's Anatomy. I just happened to record the last episode of Grey's Anatomy so I could watch it. It usually conflicts with a couple other shows but some of them are off season so I made sure to get it. I kinda like Grey's Anatomy - especially now the McDreamy is actually dating Meredith now! Yay! *swoons*

So over the weekend I built the majority of a website for my BF, it's the Vodge game site. It looks pretty cool except that I couldn't use the PNG file format I wanted to because for some reason IE6 won't recognize it. So... I have to use GIF. I have no choice. So I had to go in and remake all the damn file types and post them again.
Also about IE - I've got almost all the DIVs set up, except that even though in Mozilla it looks fricken awesome, in IE one of the column dividers is about 6 pixels off to the left and I can't get the damn thing to line up without messing up Firefox or going back to a completely messed up style sheet where the I have to make a whole separate class for the darn dividers. Right now I have them as a sub-class because it came out better in Firefox, but ..well.. darn IE. So anyway. As soon as I get it done I'm going to post a link here because it looks really sweet right now and it's only about 1/3'rd done. Nice.

Sometimes a Fantasy - 10/05/06

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