Monday, October 02, 2006

The weekend of balls

...we actually ended up kicking the soccer ball, and throwing the football,pretty much at the same time...

I couldn't watch football this weekend. Or maybe I didn't watch football this weekend. Overall I did nothing extremely exciting, but the stuff I did was fun! On Saturday I spent almost the entire day playing Pokemon. Oh so much fun! I love this game. We also went to Toys R Us to get the free Mew they were giving out. We got three of them, one for each of the eligible games we had that were compatible with this Mew. As a side note, this Mew is PINK!! I love pink stuff so that was just awesome.
Then on Sunday Rob and I took the kids out to throw the football in the park. We actually ended up kicking the soccer ball, and throwing the football, pretty much at the same time. That was awesome fun. We spent over an hour running back and forth and catching and throwing and kicking. My leg is a bit sore from all the kicking. I wanted to do it again that same day, but we were all tired and needed to make dinner.

So, here I am back at work again. Getting ready to go eat lunch (chicken noodle soup, mmmm) and play some more pokemon. Have a great day!!!

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