Friday, August 27, 2004


It's Friday again. Amazingly enough. Went bowling tonight. Soooo much fun. Darren and his son got there first, followed closely by me and Ronda. We waited then. And waited and waited. Finally Will called me back and let me know he was on his way. Not long after he called Nathan showed up. I didn't really think he was gonna show. He never really wants to be social. Tried to talk him into bowling and he said no multiple times.

Will finally got there. Yay! He'd been working on his house, re-roofing. After Will got there the other William got there and just behind him his wife got there! Yay! She seems very nice. Too bad they didn't stay long.

I was second place in all the games we played. I got at least three strikes. Second place... and I was bowling against Darren, Will and Nathan (who was pretty darn good)

Did I mention that one of the people bowling was wearing cologne? He never wears cologne. He smelled so good. So very good.

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WNW said...

Bowling? Wait a minute. I'm Nathan and I wasn't bowling. Am I blacking out again? I don't remember drinking anything

Also, YAY! lots of posts!