Sunday, August 29, 2004

Problem Posts

I had to go through 4 different pages before I was able to log in to Blogger tonight. Grrr.

It's very close to 4 am. I'm drinking too much tea. Keeps me awake. I even put Chamomile tea in it to see if that would make a difference. I'm not as awake as I would be had I drunk straight black tea, but still not as sleepy as I should be.

I'm watching videos and listening to the yahoo radio thingy. Not at the same time, I alternate depending on which has the better music.

I volunteered to take my neice Ariel for the night so she could come over and learn how to crochet better. She ended up playing more video games than anything else. My son and I played a couple games of Yatzee. That was fun. I've always liked playing that game because it reminds me of my gramma.

Don't have much cool stuff to say tonight. I'm somewhat tired tonight so I'm not the most intellegent person right now.

I spent the day cleaning out the big closet in my house. There was so much junk up there. Throwing away some of it and donating some other stuff. I found some stuff that I wrote a year or so ago. Good stuff. Considering posting it here. Maybe tomorrow.

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