Monday, August 04, 2003

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me!

....uh, yeah. It's my birthday. I'm 29 today.How weird. Another year for me to answer "I'm 28, oh wait, no, I just turned 29, yeah, that's it.... I'm 29"
and then for people to look at me strangely like I just lied to

Last year, when I worked at Cyberhell there was this one guy who actually asked to see proof that I was 28! I showed him my license and he told me it was a fake. LOL He'd thought I was aboue 7-8 years younger. That's just funny. If you ever read this: Thanks Josh!

I can't think today. There's alot that I want to write. I just can't seem to form it into anything cohesive. I'm tired. I stayed up last night watching the commentary on Fight Club. I'd really wanted to actually watch the movie, but I got drawn into it after the first few minutes and was really sad when my eyes started drooping shut. I tried to stay awake for a little while longer, doing that whole dozing and then waking up startled thing.

** I just read that there will be a Harry Potter 4! Yay! I had heard last year that they wouldn't be able to because the cast would be too old. **

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