Wednesday, August 06, 2003

The day is more than half over. I just came back from lunch. When I went out I saw my friend Jake we talked for a minute and then I went for a short walk. I say short walk because normally I'm out and about for about 30-45 minutes... I left late for work today so I didn't have enough time for that. I'll probably go for a walk tonight to make up for it.

After lunch I came back in and made some flowers for our team poster thing. That was fun. I love to draw. Usually I only draw in pencil but I colored these in in crayon. They look nice.

Yesterday... hmmm, yesterday I did basically nothing. I woke up in the morning with a horrible hangover. I must be getting older, when I was younger I never had hangovers. As a matter of fact, I think my first one was only 3 years ago. Recently though, almost every time I've been drinking, I've gotten a hangover. Let me tell you, yesterday was a doozie.

Well, I'm sure you want to hear why I had a hangover. Well, anybody who knows me (or has read this site) knows that Monday was my birthday. I went to Monday night karaoke at a local not-a-gay-bar-but-caters-to-the-gay-community bar. Which was entirely too much fun. I didn't really drink that much. 2 & 1/2 Alabama Slammers to be precise. One of my friends helped me finish the third one.
I sang three songs, a Norah Jones song (who's name I cannot remember now) and an Incubus song, Wish You Were Here, and uh... oh yeah... an Avril Lavigne song... I don't know the name of that one either right now.

Oh, and thank you's to those who remembered to say Happy Birthday to me:
Matt (from 2BS)
...and anyone else who I may have missed!
Thanks for being my friends folks! I luv ya all!

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