Monday, June 09, 2003

Lots of stuff...blah blah's Monday again.

Yes, it's Monday again. Here I am at work again. After all that time I spent looking foward to the weekend, here it is again. Blah.

It's not a bad thing to be Monday. Really it's not. It's just.... hmmm... like beginning again at the beginning of the week. I think there's something about the end of the week that makes it kind of romantic. All prospects are possible at the end of the week whereas during or at the beginning of the week you fell all congested or clogged.

Right now all I feel is crispy. Yes, that's right. I said crispy. I'm a little burnt you see. On Saturday, the one and only foolish Angi decided to go for a long walk. Now understand that walking isn't what caused this. Nope. Just silly old Angi. We (speaking in the royal plural of course) decided that we wanted a tan. And we (to take blame from the I ) decided to use a tan accelerator! Ahem. For those grown-ups out there who like short cuts, this option is not a good one unless you only have about 30 minutes to tan. I, however, had Three Hours of fun-in-the-sun time. Silly me.

Anyway, it was a wonderful weekend. After my very long baking session on Saturday I went home and showered, very carefully. In cool water. I dressed and called my friend to see about a ride to CSz. We went... tra-la-la. At ComedySportz I trolloped (is that a word?) about the building reveling in the cool air provided by the City of Eugene. It was great! My good friend Arthur Redsocks was there, and of course my good friend Aaron (who obligingly drove me, Thank you Aaron), and my friend Lil.
All very nice people.

It was a good show. Most of my favorite players were there, and Mr. Redsocks was the DJ! I love that. We had Jose, and Luke, and Lil ! yay! it was great fun.
We had a couple of people from Portland, they brought kids. Well, one of them was a kid. I'm not real sure about the other one, he looked at least 20. hmm. Dunno.

After CSz we went to see the last Pour Babies show. (*crying and wailing* and *tears and tears and more tears*) More on this later.

Then I went home and suffered in my crispiness.

Out for now, maybe more later... Ta!

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