Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Icky Sicky

Feeling kinda yucky today. My nose is really irritated. I got this new stuff for my laundry that's supposed to make your clothes stay fresh for a week. Its kinda perfumy and I'm allergic to most perfumes, so I'm having a hard time. My eyes are itchy, and my nose is just short of a sneeze, and stuffy. I'm hoping that my system will get used to it, but if not, I only have to deal with it till I've dirtied all my clothes and can wash them again. heh. I love the way it smells, but it doesn't love me so much.

Going to run today. I've decided that my jumping back in so fast was not so good. The last time I ran, was on a treadmill last Thursday, and I injured myself. My balance isn't so great and I think my gait was off because I was over compensating. I think that instead, I will stick to outside on any day other than Friday, that way if I hurt myself, I have two days to rest up before coming back to work. :)  Anyway, I also decided to start back up the Couch to 5k, just to ease my way back in. Once I get back to 3 miles of straight running (5k) then I will start amping up the miles.  I think I'll add a new mile every week.

The couch to 5k is actually a 6 week program, but I'm already part way there, so I'm going to skip the first 2 weeks of it to lower it down to a 4 week program.  At the end of that I should be able to easily do 3 miles, possibly even 4. (I can already do 1 mile, no problem.)  Then I have 10 more weeks beyond that to get to my goal of 13.1 miles. So that mile per week should do it with a little room to spare, assuming I don't slack too much.  lol

So cross your fingers for me!  Here's to hoping I don't lose my way!

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