Saturday, August 14, 2010

My daughter

...a zillion-speed mountain bike, that she can modify...
... is awesome-sauce. We decided to open savings accounts for both her and my son a few months ago. Well, decided to, but only her's got opened up at that time (my son's is set up now). Anyway, so we set that up for her and she's been saving money. She initially wanted to buy a small pet, and we said that would be ok, but she'd have to clean it, feed it, and pay for all its necessities. Which means that her allowance will be smaller because of it. Because, as a parent, kids come first. Can't let the poor thing starve because she wants her candy, now can she?

So recently I got a new bike for my birthday. On the condition that we'd be getting a shed to put it in so it was safer from thieves. Well, once we'd talked her out of the mouse, she set her sights on a shiny new bike. We made sure she could ride (she's never really owned a bike) and made sure one would fit in her room till the shed gets put up (we used mine as a tester) then approved it. So we went shopping at Walmart. She had 80 bucks saved up in that savings account, that she'd be able to spend on a bike. Her account doesn't have direct access. She has to go to the ATM and withdraw using her card. So, we went to the store before withdrawing the money, to make sure she made a wise decision, and not an impulsive one.

We looked at all the bikes. She wanted something with gears, but preferrably not many of them. She wanted a comfortable seat, and of course, would like one under 80 bucks, though she was willing to wait till she got allowance again and go higher if there was really a better bike out there. Well, we ended up with a fair bike for her $80. A zillion-speed mountain bike, that she can modify with a better seat later. Apparently it either has no gears or has a bazillion gears. There didn't seem to be any like.. 5 speeds for instance, in her price range. Had she wanted to go a bit higher and get one just like mine, she could have gotten away with a comfortable seat, only 7 gears, and some fat street/some off-road tires.

I'm ok with what she picked though. I'm extremely proud of her for saving that much money and spending it on such a big, useful, item.

In other news, went to date night(afternoon actually) with the boyfriend, recently and saw Scott Pilgrim vs. The World. Good movie!! Funny and actiony. Check it out! :D I couldn't believe the Zelda background music in the beginning. lol. Totally geektastic.

ps - now we have to think of something else to get them for xmas.

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