Thursday, May 20, 2010

Still Here

...usually I just smile and nod...
Hey, guess what? I'm not dead yet. Not that you thought I should be, but either way, I'm not. Anyway, I'm here not to talk about life, but to talk about a pet peeve of mine.

Every morning when I come into work I play this game. People are walking to the front door from several directions, and if one gets to the door before you, they tend to hold the door open for you. So I intentionally slow down or speed up to account for this. To stop them from holding the door.

It's not that I don't like having the door held for me. Don't get me wrong... just, I don't think it's entirely appropriate in the morning, coming in to work. Especially when I'm not entirely focused on other people, and the whole small talk and pleasantries that come along with it are a pain.

Now one added caveat; don't slam the door in my face either. If I'm right behind you, then by all means, hold the door. If I have so much in my hands that it looks like I can't open the door.... hold the door. But If I'm 20 feet back, and your holding the door consists of you standing there like an idiot waiting for me to catch up - don't. It makes me feel guilty or rushed. Either I have to speed up to make you not wait so long, or go my normal pace and feel like a clod that I made you wait that long. Hell, I would even extend this to 4-5 feet back. Basically, if your holding the door and my hand can't reach it in 2 seconds under normal circumstances, you shouldn't have been holding the door.

Besides, I hate all that thank you, thank you bit. I don't really like talking much in the morning, especially to people I don't know, and sometimes not even to the ones I do know. Usually I just smile and nod.

So thank you to all those idiots who've held the door for me on the way in to work.  It was very polite of you, just annoying.   Now stop it.

image borrowed from:  If anybody at leon HS would like me to take this down, please let me know.  I have an email address linked here on this page somewhere.  :) 

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Caz said...

Not a morning person, huh? I think you're really overthinking this... it's really not that big a deal. You're not obligated to chat with them. A simple "thanks" will do. Funny I recently overheard a couple talking about this same issue but the guy's problem in this case was that he hated it that if he held a door for a woman, she might think he did it because he thought she was hot... WHAT?? I dunno man, it's just common courtesy, nobody's giving much thought to this... let it go...