Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Unfinished blog about the concert

...thenI saw LOTS of people I knew...

Went to see Hyding Jekyll last night, and some other bands... My friend Esther was supposed to go with me originally as a girls night out, then it got changed up to a group girls night out and my sister Mary, and some of my other friends, Joede, Ariel, and Sue. On the day of, Esther decided not to come. She said she wasn't feeling well. Personally I think that she just didn't want to go. :-( So we had an extra ticket, and were gonna give it to another friend, who I hadn't had a chance to invite, Tamera.

I was bringing a camera, so Charles(the camera guy) could get a different angle on the show. So since Esther bailed, I asked if Charles could give us a lift to the show, and he did. We got all dressed up and went to meet Charles at my BF's work, so that I could give the BF my truck to get home. When we left the house, we got about 2 blocks down the road when I realized that I'd forgotten the camera! Then, we got that, and were driving down the road again, and realized that I'd forgotten the damn tickets! So we went back and got those. We got to my BF's work and dropped off the truck, and the tickets with the other girls. We got introduced to Charles' step son, and got in to go. Before the first stop sign I realized that the camera was in the truck! omg. So we went back to the truck and got the camera.

Finally we were on our way to wow hall... i asked Charles, during our drive if i was over dressed, and his answer? "Naw, you look" lol Whatever!

When we got there I almost tripped getting out of Charles' car (it's a 2 door and I was sitting in back) but he helped me out. I left my jacket in the car, good thing too cause it turned out to be freakin' hot in there later. Turning towards the wow hall from where we were parked I saw a bunch of people there and not one was dressed up like me and my sister, so I felt a little out of place. I also saw some of the bands outside. We went inside and because I'm like a teenager, and have trouble being by myself we hung out by Charles till I saw people I knew. Then I saw LOTS of people I knew. lol

First I saw Karen, who had brought her group, of which I knew almost all... Dominic, Tim, Eric, all my son's friends, and her daughter, whose name I always forget cause I hardly ever see her. There was also Alex, later, and Greg Williams, and a couple other people who's faces I knew, but did not know personally. The first band to play was Tullis, the band sounded good, but there weren't any damn lyrics. Then Broken cell was up, they were ok, but a bit to metal for me. My sister was having fun watching the drummers play. I think she has aspirations, of being a drummer or a drummer critic, I don't know? lol

At the end of the second band I got the text from Joede that they were almost there. I went outside to meet them just as they were walking up. Hugs all around! Went inside, chatted a bit, tried to introduce them to my work friends, but the music was too loud. Joede told me that her roomate, Dave, was there with his GF, and that he'd been there for awhile, but I hadn't seen him. Also, Tamera hadn't come, so Joede gave the extra ticket to Chad, her BF, and he hadn't come either because he was feeling ill.

It got really hot in there with all the people and the smoke machine, so we went outside a few times. I wish I'd thought to take pics of the girls the first few times we were outside! The Wow hall has a bar, it's downstairs and really small.

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