Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Boob Job

I went to the plastic surgeon yesterday to get the ball rolling on my boob job, and boy did it roll. In order to finish by the end of the year, he's having me come in for surgery on September 21st. Yes, you read right, that's less than 2 weeks from now. Holy sh*t.

What he told me is that this is a two part process. Apparently I can't avoid the implants because I still have too much belly fat and my stomach skin is too far out of shape to work with. So he's going to take some skin and stuff from my back for the right boob, and put expanders in both sides to get them ready for the implants. I don't want very big boobs, so this shouldn't take too long. Once it's to the right size, I will have another surgery to put the actual implant in and take the expanders out.

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