Tuesday, May 12, 2009


...We'd go swimming in the pool and get sandwiches and slurpees from 7-Eleven...

So I was looking at this blog and realized that the last month or more, all my posts have been pictures. Barely any text. I'm going to try to make at least one real blog a month from now on. I've just been very busy.

Well, update on things going on. You already know that my hair is growing back. I took a picture of that. Well, I've also recently signed up for facebook. If you want to be my friend there, you'll need to email me with subject: Squirrels FaceBook, so I'll know you're a real person and not a stupid drone.

In facebook I've been meeting and greeting all these people that I haven't talked to in a long time, people from high school and whatnot. Well, recently, I was contacted by someone I haven't seen since I was 16.

Tina, who I met when I was 13, was my best friend for a long time. I even dated her older brother. She's 2 years younger than me, and she was so much fun! She liked the things I liked, and we hung out in the same group of people. In fact, it was my cousin who introduced us. He was friends with her first, but when my mom and me moved to 10th street, which was right down the street from my tia Dodo (his mom), I ended up hanging out with them which of course led to being friends with Tina.

We hung out so much that her mom even threw my 14th birthday party. That was the year my mom gave me $2 bucks for my birthday. Tina's mom, Connie, went all out. We had burgers and hot dogs and they even made me a cake, which they had surreptitiously asked me about before hand. Tina showed me some cakes in a magazine or on a flyer or something and told me to pick out which one I would have. Well I did and Connie copied it perfectly. It was the best birthday ever. They'd invited all our friends, and we all had cake and food and swam in the pool. It was a great day.

Yeah, Tina was awesome. We used to hang out at all hours of the night, till 2 am sometimes. We'd go swimming in the pool, and get sandwiches and slurpees from 7-Eleven. After dating her brother, I dated Tina's next door neighbor, and she dated his little brother (who looked just like Gerardo!). They were Jesus and David Duarte. (David was the Gerardo one)

Anyway, so when I was 17, and she was almost 15, her mom told me they were going to California, and that I shouldn't come around again. After that, life happened. I went back to their last house that I knew about, but they had moved. I didn't know how to find her. Since then I'd tried the white pages, but I didn't know where they'd gone really. I even tried looking up her brother, Danny, because I knew he'd stayed in Tucson. I never got anywhere though. More recently I'd tried to find her on MySpace, and then Facebook, but still nothing. Her name is a common name, so nothing ever came up clear enough for me to contact her. Time went by and I thought I'd never see her again.





And then she found ME!!!

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