Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Blue Mole and the Tree

When rambling down the street one day
I saw a young tree that began to sway

From underneath the soil did peek
A tiny blue mole very shiny and sleek

As the tree tipped and swayed to and fro
The mole dipped down and up and up and down he did go.

The work did the mole;
The mole to dig a hole.

Underground quickly dug
From the tree like a rug.

Slipped away all the dirt
The tree used as a skirt.

Flirting with disaster the tree was.
All I could see of the mole, fuzz.

Then dropped oh so quickly
The tree its top so thickly

Covered with leaves and birds and bees
Flopped down the hole with the greatest of ease.

The blue mole's job was done.
His contest with the tree won.

I walked on that sunny day.
Past the tree far away.

And always did wonder.
Why the mole tore asunder,

The earth underneath that nice tree.
When it was so tall
 and so green

   and so free.

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