Sunday, December 28, 2008

Massage of Doom saidit would cut off after 15 minutes...

So Christmas was great. I got some pretty good stuff... Animal Crossing City Folk (Wii), My Japanese Coach (DS), a Wind chime with dolphins on it (love the windchime, not so much the dolphin part of it), Civ 4, and a massage chair thing.

My favorites were the japanese coach, Civ 4, and the massage chair thing. I would like it duly noted that I saw the statement on the box about the 15 minute shutoff timer on the massager, it said it would cut off after 15 minutes "for my safety". Hmm... what does that mean you suppose? I sat for about two ours playing the japanese game and getting a shiatsu massage. Every time it cut off, I hit the button again. I didn't notice anything weird about it at all!

Well, I'll tell ya. I hurt for 36 hours after that wonderfully long massage. Note to self: when the thing cuts itself off, pay attention, get up and don't come back for at least an hour!

So yeah, no body could touch my back for at least 24 hours and it still hurt some last night when I went to bed.

The rest of the holiday was great too. Mark, Matt, Joy and the baby (Alex) were here from Wednesday night to about 2:30 Christmas day. We all opened presents, then lounged around the house till they had to leave. We all ate junk food - I made some awesome cinnamon rolls on Xmas eve too. Not to mention, I made 4 quiche pies too. And they brought pumpkin pie with them, along with fudge and cookies.

On Xmas day, Rob made a roast in the slow cooker. So that's what we had for dinner. It was very good. I made cornbread stuffing to go with it. That was good too. Very very good. mmmm.

So that's it. My holiday. It was fun. I only wish that the kids (Mark, Matt, Joy and the baby) could have stayed longer. It was fun having them around.

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WNW said...

I did the same thing with my massage chair