Friday, August 22, 2008


...they removed the tape and gaveme tattoos...

I had my first actual radiation yesterday. I had another appointment, Monday, with the Radiation oncologist, but that was all about getting things set up. They drew on my chest with Sharpie, and put tape over it so it didn't wash off. Yesterday they did my first actual radiation. After which they removed the tape and gave me some little tattoo dots. Yes, tattoos. The tape hurt to remove, more than the little pricks they gave me for the tattoos, yet somehow the tattoos were more traumatic. lol I'm so weird.

Also yesterday me and Cierra went JOGGING!! I don't remember if I wrote about my walk to Eugene a couple weeks ago? Anyway, I figure that if I can walk to Eugene, it's time for me to start jogging. Around the block at first, then later we'll up it to a longer distance. So we started out walking, to warm up a bit, then we jogged for just over a block. She's as out of shape as I am and we both were a bit winded when we were done with that part. After the first time around the block, we went into the house, drank some water, and stretched. Then it was back outside, and except for water we didn't stop again after that. We went around the block another 3 times, half jogging, half walking.

Personally I think my jogging trip went pretty well. I'm going to keep at it till I can jog the whole way to Eugene. I think though, that this will be a lot harder than getting to the point where I could walk to Eugene.

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