Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Back to work. looks like a small waterbed...

Well, I'm a year older (as of the 4th) and none wiser. LOL

Back to work now. I started back yesterday. A little bit more normal.

I'm having some issues with my ... chest though. The right side has alot of fluid in it, so much that it looks like a small water bed. lol. I called the Dr. though; they said it was normal and will go away.

In the other side though, I've still got my tube in and the part of my skin where the tube goes in is causing me pain since yesterday. It hurts to put my arm down. Or move my arm. Or let it sit still.

I think it's infected.

Luckily today, at 1:30 I go to have it removed. Maybe they'll give me some antibiotics. Or maybe, it'll just get better when they remove the damn tube. I've had it in for a month now, just about. Grr.

Warning: Icky Picture Below!!

This is a picture of my tube connection as of this morning, about 20 minutes ago.

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