Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Ex-Boobs - Part 2

Note: This was written about an event that happened last week, on July 10th, 2008.'s still fun to ride inthe bed...

Wheeling into the anesthesia waiting room, (Yes, there's a separate room for that looking around, I see so much stuff in the hallways. It's like they ran out of storage or something. The hallways have so much stuff in them its hard for the nurse to navigate me through.

Even though I'm shaking from fear of the foot IV, it's still fun to ride in the bed and having someone push you around.

They wheeled me to the middle of the anesthesia room. It's just big enough for three beds, and the last two times I had surgery I was on the end by the door. It's weird to be in the middle this time, and I comment on that to the nurse. She doesn't answer me back, I'm not sure she heard me. Oh well.

There are two doctors in here. One is the anesthesia doctor that's supposed to set up my IV. I tell them that I have an extreme fear of needles and that I'm freaking out a little about the foot IV. I tell them that I'm shaking too. He kinda laughs about that and asks why they said I would get a foot IV.

I say, "I dunno, they said you told them to."

He says he doesn't need to do that. It would only be if they were taking out lymph nodes on both sides, and since they're not, he won't need to. Immediately I feel relieved and the shaking subsides a little. He tells me that he's going to give me a painkiller shot before putting in the IV, and I'm dubious about this. I'm thinking that I don't want to get poked twice! NO way. I tell him about this thought, and the other doctor says it's a good thing that he's doing this. The first one is really small, and I won't feel the second one.

He injects the small needle into my hand, and it pinches a little, nothing drastic though. Then after 30 seconds or so he tells me he's starting the second one. I'm all prepped for what a normal IV feels like and then... it's over. I didn't feel a thing. I'm elated inside, and so grateful that he gave me that little numbing shot. Wow. I'd never known it could be that easy!!

They give me some drugs, antibiotics, benedryl, and some other stuff. I tell him about the last surgeries I was in and that one I could remember all the way to the operating room, but the other I could only remember to the anesthesia room. He says that's because the drugs I'm getting play tricks with my memory.

I vaguely remember moving from my bed to the operating table, and them putting up the arm rests.

That's it for now. I'll try and get more in later, or tomorrow.

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