Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Enough of the movies...

...very graphic sex scenesin it...

I've seen some more movies since I wrote in here last, but I'm bored with those. I am writing about real life today. This is an update to my boob job post from a couple weeks ago. I went to my follow up appointment on Monday and talked to the surgeon.
The surgery went well, and I got the leftover string removed from my stitches. I have another appointment tomorrow with another doctor.
After the doctor, we got two redbox movies, Mr. Woodcock and Good Luck Chuck.
Oh, by the way... if you censor what your kids watch, Good Luck Chuck is rated R for a reason. It's got some very graphic sex scenes in it. If you don't, or you want to see sex, then you should totally rent/buy that movie. It's very very funny. I liked it alot.
Mr. Woodcock was not so funny. Almost boring in parts. I was hoping for more, but oh well. What can you do?

I know, I'm back to the movies. lol. Yesterday, we went to pick up my daughter from her after school art lessons, then went to the store for vitamin C (BF is sick again, poor guy), then we got some pizza and went home so I could play the Sims. Then we watched Monk (I love that show). After that, I went to bed. Yay sleep! lol. So you see, my real life is a little on the boring side.

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