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...Nick Cage was both creepy and havinga really bad hair day...

Ok, well, the first thing I have to say here is that in this movie Nick Cage (one of my favorite actors) was both creepy and having a really bad hair day. Now, don't get me wrong. I love Nicholas Cage. Usually he's mmmm mmm yummy. I like the fact that he's a little neurotic and it comes out in most of his films. I understand also that he's not a young guy anymore. He's going bald and he needs to accept it and move on. Growing out hair in the back when your hair is thinning ( or almost gone ) in the front is really a bad move style-wise.

I mean really, just ... eww.

Other than that and then end (which I'll get to... give me time) it was good.

The movie starts out with Nick's character...Cris Johnson doing a magic act in Vegas. He's being intently watched by this lady. We'll come back to her later.

So he gets a volunteer up on stage, and makes her necklace fall off into her cup. Then they do some back story about how he likes to gamble a little because he doesn't make much money in the show. He tells us how he can see two minutes into his own future. He tries not to make a lot of money at once, because he doesn't want to draw attention to himself. He wants to be able to keep coming back.

As he's sitting at a table playing some game. Blackjack? He's being watched by some of the boys from the casino. They're talking about him and the fact that he's so "lucky" - not exactly how they put it, but I can't really remember now, sorry.

While they are watching him, he looks up at the camera and that spooks them out. He starts to leave when he realizes they are coming after him. He makes a series of really slick moves, ducking, moving, sliding just out of the way, then steals a car and gets away.

He goes back to a garage and plays some pool with a guy who looks like he might be his dad(?), and tells him he stole the car.

Back at the casino, the guys who were after him are getting visited by the FBI. They're looking for Cris. Lo and behold - it's the redheaded lady from the magic show. She's looking for him in earnest now. She's found out about him and knows he's psychic. She convinces the casino guys that they should help her, and not talk about what they were there for.

She then leaves to go find Cris.

Back at the garage, Cris realizes that someones coming for him and that it was not going to be a fun conversation. He talks about some girl that should be waiting for him in a restaurant at around nine. He thinks she's special because he's never seen that far into the future. He knows what time, but not AM or PM and not what day.

After deciding that he doesn't want to talk to the FBI lady, he takes off. She arrives - missing him by mere moments.

While she's doing that, the casino guy is getting his throat cut by the bad guys in the movie. They want information on Cris too. They'd been watching the feds, and saw that they were looking for him. They figure that since the feds want him, they should want him too.

After narrowly missing the feds back at the garage, we next find Cris sitting in a diner drinking a martini. He keeps looking out the window waiting for his vision-girl to come in. ... And she does.

Liz Cooper (Jessica Biel) is a hottie. She looks to be about 1/3 Cage's age, but hey, what does that matter these days? He goes through a lot of scenarios in his head, with different outcomes, ending in the one where he gets hit by her ex, and talks to her. He lies and says he's trying to get to Flagstaff and his car got broken, so she agrees to let him ride with her, because that's where she's going.

She says at the first sign of creepy she's dropping him to the curb. As far as I'm concerned, he's already creepy at this point.

So they go to Flagstaff, along the way there are a few stops. Including one where they have sex. The FBI catches up to him, and he helps them because Liz gets taken by the bad guys.

The end is kind of a let down, cause it's like they cut half the movie. I won't tell you exactly what happened, because I don't want to spoil it for you.

My take on this is that Cage was creepy and had bad hair. He could have at least done this:
Or this:

Or at least this:

All in all this movie would not be worth owning. Go to McDonald's and get it from the Redbox for a dollar.

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