Thursday, December 13, 2007

Update on the Boob.

...what's the point of him trying to be goodafter that?...

So that nobody worries. I have an appointment on January 4th to see the surgeon who will remove it. It was not made clear whether he'd remove it that day or not, but... we shall see.

On a horrible not quite as bad note, my son got suspended yesterday for choking hugging too hard a classmate. The way it was described, it was one of his friends, and he was basically roughhousing with her a little too hard. He doesn't appear to have done it maliciously, but I worry that he's a bully with a nice kid's face. Gosh I hope not though.

He has been instructed that if he so much as puts a finger on anybody at school any more he'll be in BIG trouble. As it is, he's working off his punishment at home by doing many many chores and being grounded from his favorite thing ever (video games). He's also been informed that if we find out he hurts anyone else in school, for any reason whatsoever, all his things will be removed from his room and all his privileges will be removed indefinitely. Rob said till he was 18, but I wouldn't let him be that harsh. Maybe we'd just send him to juvie or something. Because, once you take away everything a kid loves, what's the point of him trying to be good after that? What would he have to loose?

Yeah, it would just get worse if I let that happen. So, it won't. I'll put my foot down.

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