Thursday, July 19, 2007


In the Math section... had to stop when I got to the last one...

I got my tests done. They were easier than I thought they'd be... well except for the last part of the math area. I got 114 on Reading and 98 on Writing. Which means I don't have to take a reading class at all if I don't want, and for Writing, I'll be in Writing 121 instead of 101.

In the Math section it wasn't such a clear score, but lets just say I passed the first 4 sections, and had to stop when I got to the last one. It was Algebra, and although I do know some, I don't know enough to try to guess through it for that test. I did answer the first one in that section though, and got it right. So I'll be taking Introductory Algebra too, which is a one semester/term(?) course instead of a year long course.

So I have an appointment to go see my counselor next Wednesday at 2:30, to make sure I'm on the right major. I think I picked it right, but I need to be sure.

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