Thursday, January 04, 2007

Wii hurt

...Baseball, Golf, Bowling, Tennis, and Boxing....from the comfort of our living room....

So we got a Wii. Fun fun FUN!! Lemme tell ya. Oh my goodness. We played it for hours yesterday and it was just the pack-in game that came with it, called Wii-Sports. We played Baseball, Golf, Bowling, Tennis, and Boxing. All from the comfort of our living room. It was a ruckus and a half! My arms are sore and I'm really tired. It's like DDR for the arms. Punching, and swinging, and hitting - Once you start, it's hard to stop. My boyfriend was playing until almost midnight last night.

Now, today, I'm feeling it. LOL - My arms feel like they are coming apart at the shoulders. BUT - I'm playing again later today! Yay me!

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