Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Tired but happy

...Peter, Wendy, John, and Tinkerbell...

I'm so excited. Halloween is over!! Yay. The relief I feel is indescribable. I had to make 4 full costumes with nothing but a movie box and a movie. I can say with pride though, that there were ALOT of comments on my daughters Tinkerbell costume. We could hear people wispering as we walked by, how cool it was. It was a fricken awesome costume. And no one recognized my Dari, who was John, Wendy's brother with the top hat . I felt bad that no one commented on his. That sucked.

We sure did look cool though. Peter, Wendy, John, and Tinkerbell. We also had one of the girls from Outer-zona with us. she didn't have a costume but she did a rockin paint job on her face. We ended up labeling her the "Lost Girl" so she'd be part of our little group.

I'm so tired now. I feel like I've been running myself ragged with all this stuff I've been doing. On a side note, the vodge site is up, it's missing a few pages, which I will rectify in the next few days, but it's up. Go to if you wanna see.

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