Monday, October 30, 2006

Visitors from Outer-zona

...She was thinking about getting up and moving...

Ok, so a few weeks ago I was talking to my friend Sandra in Arizona. She was talking to me about the fact that she'd had a messy divorce not very long ago and was looking for a change. She was thinking about picking up an moving, but she didn't really want to leave her home in Arizona. Now, the place she was living was a very small town almost an hour north of Tucson that used to be a mining town but as there isn't as much to mine now, it's much smaller than it used to be. Her whole family lives there though. Her daughter lives there, her mother, her sister, and her nieces and nephews. Her son lives in Tucson, (he's a really cool guy btw, I'm friends with him too) and with him lives two of her grandchildren.
So, right... She was thinking about getting up and moving, and we jokingly talked about her moving up to Oregon. Oh my gosh what a big change that would be, right? A couple of weeks later she tells me she's sure now. She's gonna move. She's considering either Oregon, or Texas. I ask her what's in Texas. She tells me that her daughter (one of the two that still lives with her) wants to go to a big city in Texas because of the big nightlife. There's no one that she knows there though. I tell her that wouldn't be much of a change, and there'd be all those strangers. No family, no friends. Yikes.

On the other hand though, she's thinking Oregon might be good. She met a guy online who lives in Medford and although she's never met him in person, he offered her a place to stay till she gets on her feet up here. So I tell her, "You could stay with me for a couple weeks..."

She tells me that, yeah, would be far less creepy. I agree, and tell her I really would rather she didn't do that with that guy in Medford. I say that at least, she should stay at my house, then go meet with the guy if that's what she really wants to do, then she could get a feel for the creepyness.

So, we make arrangements and I talk to my BF and make sure this is all ok with him. He knows her too, and he totally agrees about the creepy guy. He says its ok with him if they come to visit for a couple weeks, as long as it's not a very-very long time. (Our place isn't very big, and with her 3 we'd have 7 people there.) So, she makes some plans to come up. Her family doesn't want her to leave, and the one daughter almost talks her in to Texas for a little while there, but she starts packing.

That was about a week ago. Last week she told me she was leaving in a few days.


They're here now. Our family hasn't seen them in person in about 5 years. Except for her girls being a little taller, it's like we just saw them last month. So weird.

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