Monday, November 27, 2006

Snow and Turkeys

...expecting snow sometime today, ...I'm totally stoked...

Thanksgiving was awesome. We went to Rob's brother's house and brought with us two small hams and three house guests. There was so much food there! Deviled eggs, olives, turkey, ham, stuffing, pie... etc. all the normal stuff.

We had fun, we went home.

So the rest of the weekend I played The Sims. I didn't feel like playing Guild Wars because I didn't want to get burnt out on it.

Today my back hurts. I have one of those TheraCare back pads on it. It's very warm and soothing.

I'm expecting snow sometime today, which is probably the thing I have to look forward to the most. I'm totally stoked to see snow again. I'm sure my houseguests from Outer-zona will love it too.

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