Tuesday, September 19, 2006


...finally in the green instead of thered...

I'm tired today. Been having trouble sleeping. Got in a fight with my boyfried last nite at like 11:45... well past when I should have been in bed and it lasted way too long and it was just dumb. I am dissappointed because the Steelers lost yesterday. That sucked. And we lost in a horrible way, from stupid fricken field goals.

On the upside, I'm finally making some money in my ebay selling. Not like an extravagant amount, but I went for over two weeks and didn't make any sales. I spent like 7 bucks keeping the ads up and I was about ready to give up. Then I sold an item, and now I'm up to three sold items. Looks like I'm finally doing something right. I'm finally in the green instead of the red, which is always a great thing.
So I'm gonna put up my grills soon. Probably Saturday. If I can catch up on sleep.

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