Monday, September 18, 2006

MySpace is the Place...

...I lost contact with her a couple of years ago...

to be.

Wow... so in the last couple of weeks I found my son's sister Crystal, my friend Stacie from High School, and my cousin Racheal that lives in Arkansas.

My son's sister was the most suprising of them because I haven't seen her since my son was concieved. Her father and I parted ways before I even found out I was pregnant. Once I did, he was informed, but I'm not sure he ever told her about her brother. So that one is weird and cool all at the same time, and I'm glad to have her in my life again. I missed her. She was a neat little girl, and has grown to an interesting adult.

My friend Stacie, wow, I can't believe I found her. I was just skimming through the people that used to go to Amphi High, in Tucson. She has some kids now, and we've shared our YIM addresses with eachother. I can't wait till we get a chance to catch up.

The last one is probably my happiest suprise. My little cousin Racheal used to be a real brat when I was younger. Her and my sister Laura used to fight like cats in heat. lol. She's grown up very nicely and is a much different person now than she used to be. She's also the only person I really have had contact with since I was a teenager that lives in that part of the world that's in my family. I've talked to my cousin Michelle, once, she's Racheal's older sister. I lost contact with her a couple of years ago when her email address changed, and that was the only way I knew to get ahold of her, so I felt like I'd never see her again! So, on to the happy part of it... she had a baby! My little cousin Racheal had a little girl. And from her myspace page, Michelle was pregnant too, but I don't know if she had her baby yet. That's so cool!! I'm so excited for them!

Anyway, I'm gonna go for now. Talk to y'all later! **Hugs**

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