Thursday, August 10, 2006

More Gym.

...instant oats, with little chunks of dried fig, and some Splendafor sweetness...

Well, it was back to the gym yesterday. I didn't go monday because I got a write up for being late to often and that put me in a bad mood all day.
So, yesterday I did 17 minutes on the torture machine! Wahoo! The first day (last week) I could barely do 10 and I was nearly in tears. I'm gonna probably do 15-17 today as well, and may get in there tomorrow and do some more. I'll be seeing the trainer again today too. I saw her yesterday, and she had me do these weird ball-squats that are supposed to be better for my knees. I'm still sore from those, but she said she wasn't going to make me do those again today. So that makes me happy. I'll get to make a new set of muscles sore. LOL

I've been really bad with food lately. I've tried to be good, but I feel so darn hungry all the time. So today I'm back to the oatmeal. I'm trying to eat it without butter, but it tastes so bland. Ick. I even made my own instant oatmeal today. I put instant oats, with little chunks of dried fig, and some Splenda for sweetness. It's better than just oats and sweetner, but it would be 10,000 times better with a little bit of butter. Just a teaspoon. So, in order to not make myself hate oatmeal, tomorrow I'll be bringing butter to go with my instant mix.

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