Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Icky Day

...wish he had grown up the way I did and he was allinto computers and stuff...

Not feeling well today. I'm tired. I couldn't sleep untill almost midnight last night. It's been a long couple of weeks. I spent all of Saturday on the computer trying to get the damn Vodge website up. It's almost done. The framework is set up, but there are no cool graphics.

Today I'm here trying to stay awake. To maintain some semblance of consciousness. My nose is stuffy, and I'm grouchy. I don't want to talk to anyone today. I lost 6 pounds last week and gained it all back in the last couple of days. I hate being me.
So even though I'm miserable, I've still got to get my fat ass into the gym today so I don't gain even more.

I've been sitting here reading my friends myspace today, a couple of which are in Arizona. I wish I was back there again. I miss my cousins. I had a dream about my aunt last night. Maybe that's why I'm wishing I was in AZ. again. I also miss my friend Stephen F. I wish I could talk to him and see his newer kid. He has two now. lol. I also wanna help my cousin Aaron find a job. He's trying so hard. I wish he had grown up the way I did and he was all into computers and stuff. Then he wouldn't have to work as a kitchen guy or a cook making barely minimum wage. That's not alot of money in Tucson. I think minimum is only like $5.50 or so.

I wanna talk to my uncle too. I miss him. I wish he weren't always so busy. I'd really like to have him come to Oregon for a trip. My other uncle too, Keevyn. And since I'm on wishes, I'd like to meet my cousin Scotty. My sister got to meet him. She got some pictures, but not nearly enough. From the looks of it though, he's a cross between uncle keevyn and uncle travis.

Ok, well I'm gonna go now. I'm tired of typing. I hope nobody talks to me today. I almost put up my YIM away message as "I'm grouchy, leave me alone." but that never works. I always get a million people asking me.."Why are you grouchy, Angi??" or they wanna try to cheer me up.
When I say leave me alone, I mean.....LEAVE ME ALONE. Yeesh. How hard is that to get? I mean, really.

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