Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The weekend...

...Sometime while all this waiting was going on we decorated the their car with strips of yellowtable cloth...

Wow - What a weekend.
On Friday I played Flyff for awhile then went and picked up my mom.
I also took my little sister to the store. I got some hot dogs while I was there for dinner on Saturday.
On Saturday we drove up to Albany for Matt and Joy's wedding. That would be Rob's nephew and his then girlfriend, now wife, for those who don't already know. It was cloudy and overcast in Springtucky when we left. We were worried that it would rain out the wedding.
We brought extra clothes so we could change after the wedding into cooler clothes.

Once we got to Albany it was much hotter. To the point that I wanted to change right then, but I wanted to stay in my skirt till at least the wedding was over. My shirt was black, which went nicely with my bright yellow skirt and sandals. We ran into Steve on the way to the park, as we were coming off the freeway. (Steve is Rob's brother, Matt's dad.) He pulled off the road to tell us what was up. Then we followed him to the park.

Steve's sister-in-law was there holding down the fort, watching all the wedding stuff, there were lots and lots of tables. I didn't realize there'd be so many people there. They had that many tables set up because Joy had invited 150 people to the celebration.
There ended up being only about 40 people there in the end... I think. There may have been less, but I'm bad at counting large numbers of moving people.

The actual wedding itself, except for the heat, was awesome. Matt and Steve and Mark got there all tux'd up.... with tennies on. lol. They looked really nice, except that Mark didn't shave. arg.

We all finished getting everything ready, made sure the decor was done, and the tablecloths weren't flying all over. Tested the music to make sure it was set up right. Then we all sat and waited. Sometime while all this waiting was going on we decorated the their car with strips of yellow table cloth and paper streamers. Someone wrote "JUST MARRIED" on their windshield in lipstick too.

Eventually all the people that were gonna get there did. They called the Steve's wife to let her know to bring the bride... This was outside, so there was no place to put her so she started her walk down the aisle from the truck! hee hee. Joy was absolutely beautiful. I've got some so-so photos I'm gonna put up later too. Her sister got out before her, with a strapless purple dress, very nice. Then the flower girl, and ring bearers (not necessarily in that order, I forget) the last but not least - Joy. She had this beautiful white wedding dress that sparkled in the sun, her hair was died black (it's normally basic brown), and contrasted with the dress quite nicely. It was all in curls around her face.
...This was outside, so there was no placeto put her- so she started her walk down the aisle from the truck!

Then was the ceremony, it was a normal ceremony, no handfasting or anything. Almost perfunctory. We couldn't hear very well, there were no seats very close to the actual altar. There were many photos taken - some by me, but mostly by a friend of Steve and his wife's - I can't wait to see them.

After the ceremony was the cake and food. It wasn't the best tasting cake in the world, but watching Matt and Joy wipe it all over eachother's faces was awesome. Matt had it all up his nose! He was smelling cake for the rest of the day I'm sure. I was the one to cut the cake and hand it out. That was fun. I got frosting all over my hand and at one point dropped the cake cutting knife, so I had to use the server thing instead to cut.

We got everything all cleaned up then, and left the park. Leaving the park was so interesting. Apparently it's a tradition to follow the car that has the newlyweds in it and honk at every stop sign/light. We were third in line, first was Matt and Joy in their drop-top mustang, then Matts step-aunt in her brown van, then us in our red kia, then someone else in a white car... and so on and so forth. Probably about 10 cars ?? in total. I don't know for sure. Matt kept hitting all green lights so we ended up honking even on greens, and some in-between the lights. The brown van turned off to go back to Lebanon before our procession ended so we ended up in 2nd place. That was the best spot. From the back you could see their white convertable mustang, with yellow streamer things flying out on all sides and fluttering from the spoiler. You could see the top of Joy's veil and Matt's tux. I wished at that point that I'd had more shots on my camera, that would have been such a cool shot. hee hee.
When we got back to the house everybody got changed, went pee and so forth. Then... then the party started!! Wahoo!

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