Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The weekend part deuce...

Ok, the party... omg. What a party.
Rob was bartending, mostly he made a bunch of blackberry daquiris. I've had some other daquiris, like strawberry and a Pina Colada style one. But this, this was gooood. You couldn't taste the alchohol at all. He added alot too!
We all got dressed to go swimming, because Steve has a pool and a jacuzzi. So nice! Me, and Joy, and Tracy (Steve's wife) were just knockin back those Blackberry Daq's. I must have had at least 6 of those, I lost count somewhere. Everytime I went back to the table that Rob was using to make them I got a refill. I picked up the refills for Joy, got some more for me, went back to tell him other people wanted more, got a refill for me, went back to give him a hug or kiss, yet another refill for me... and so on. *grins*

We were all wrestling in the pool, throwing eachother around, jumping in and out going to the jacuzzi and back again. It was great fun, very amusing.

I hurt myself a few times, so did other people:
1. I hit my knees on the stairs trying to keep from getting squished by Trevor and someone wrestling behind me.
2. scraped my toe across the bottom of the pool wrestling with Joy
3. Jumped in the pool at one point trying to get Rob, and I was too close to the shallow side. I hit the bottom like a rock and hurt my left leg because it was under me when I hit that bottom.
4. Numerous other unknown bruises and scrapes....

The ones I saw on other people:
1. Joy broke a fake nail off in the pool. The one on her middle finger, so she showed that off quite a bit.
2. Rob bruised his knee and got scraped up alot being pulled across the pool.
3. Trevor had an 8 inch, fairly deep scratch down his right shoulder from someones fingernail.
... I'm sure there were more, but I can't think of any right now.

Oh! Matt almost lost his new wedding ring.
He dropped it on the ground by the back porch, and Rob found it for him. Matt repeated that story like 6 times that same night, it was the first thing he said to Joy the next morning, then he told us all about it again when he came out to talk to us Sunday morning. ha ha ha ha...

Ok, that's it for now. I may come back to Sunday later.

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bill said...

That was an excellent description -- marvelous!