Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Manic Attack Over... hasn't hit me that bad in a long time and i think i freaked a couple people out...

Well... it's mostly over. I finally got it calmed down yesterday. No more crazies. It hasn't hit me that bad in a long time and I think I freaked a couple people out. Luckily I kept it away from my BF. Unless he reads my blog, I'm sure he doesn't realize how bad it was the last few days. If he had he would have told me to seek professional help. He does that.

Anyway, that's not really what you're here for is it?? Anyway, the latest news is that there is no latest news. At least not from me.
I've been reading about manic-depression as I usually do when I'm having an episode. Reading about it helps I think.

I played conqueronline (free online RPG) the last few days too. That was fun. I'm at level 16 now. It's pretty cool overall, it reminds me of Everquest but you don't have to pay for it.

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