Monday, June 12, 2006

2 Things

1. Feeling a little manic today. Status quo since Friday. I'm not liking this one bit. I know I'm manic-depressive, so I recognize the signs. I still don't like it though. I don't have as much control over my actions when I'm manic. Sometimes I do things, and then an hour later I'm like, "What the hell was I thinking??!" Then I spend the next 6 hours panicky and frantic as though my house is on fire. When I calm down later, I always look back and say " that wasn't as bad as I thought.."
Of course, sometimes it is, but mostly it's just me overreacting.

2. I think I'm going to close down Monday's Best. No one was really into it, I had to hound people to get them to submit photos. So I'm gonna give it a week, if no one objects, then I'm shuttin' it down.

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