Tuesday, April 25, 2006

no title for this one....

It's Tuesday, I'm watchin Eternal Sunshine. Brilliant movie. I loved it the last time I watched it, and I love it this time too.
I determined that I needed something more fullfilling to pass the time waiting for calls. Yesterday I watched 5th Element. My favorite movie of all time, might I add. It's a brilliant movie too. The effects, the actors, the story... brilliant. The time passed much more quickly yesterday because of that.

I'm feeling a little sleepy, and I have heartburn. I think I ate too much pizza yesterday. We were going to eat something else, but it was too much work. The pizza was supposed to be for today, but it was there, we were hungry and we didn't want to do all that work. So we had pizza. My nose is running today too. That sucks. I think it may be allergies, but it's always hard to tell. I could have a cold, but I just got over being sick so I'm wishing hard that it's only the new blooming flowers.

Thinking about getting a second job. Rob hasn't gotten one yet and I'm starting to feel like a pauper. We worked out the bills the other day and found out that after everything, all the bills, gas, and food for two weeks, we end up with only about 130 bucks leftover for two weeks. That's nothing. I'll never be able to do all the things I want to do. arg.
My back right tire is going flat too. It's not a pop type thing, but it's got a slow leak in it and I've had to refill it with air three times in the past two weeks. That's not ok. I'm not looking forward to having that fixed. It's probably going to take up at least half of my 130 bucks. The other half is to pay off the loan I took out from our cookie sales so that we could continue living life a few weeks ago. If I hadn't done that, we'd have been out of groceries.

I hate life so much sometimes. Geez.

On the good side of things, I got a whole shit load of strawberries planted out front of my apartment. I'm looking forward to being able to pick them later this year. My blueberries need to be repotted, or at least taken out and have their dirt refreshed. There's not enough dirt in their containers. What that means is that I'll not get very many berries this year. That sucks.
Maybe I should do that later today.
I also planted a store bought tomato plant. I was smart about it this year though. I put it in a box that I can throw away if I want when it's done. I also remembered to move it to the other side of my front door. Last year the tomato plants I got grew so fast they took over my whole little garden. Almost killed my mints off. They are just now starting to recover from that crud.
So yeah, the tomatoes are now planted over by the roses, which are moveable in case the roses take up too much space. I don't see that happening this year though. I'm gonna put up one of those climbing cages above the tomatoes so they have something to hang on and form themselves to.

Ok, so I'm gonna go back to my movie now. Have a good day.

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