Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Samehairitus (same-hare-eye-tus)

Samehairitus (same-hâre-eye-tus)
A style in which hair is cut and arranged exactly the same every day for the rest of your life.

I'm wondering today about Samehairitus. I remember my gamma always had the exact same hairstyle every day for years. She had one of those puffball boufonts that people wore in the 50's. I wonder did she do this because she didn't like to change? Or did she do it out of sheer laziness, in not wanting to take the time to think of something different?
This happens to many many old people. Not just my gramma. I walked around today at lunch and noticed at least two people who've caught this disease. One woman is only in her early 40's. I think that this actually starts to take effect on people when they hit about 40, and I wonder whether this will hit me. When I turn 40, will I, every day thereafter, wear exactly the same hairstyle? Or will I bypass the hair disease?
All you men out their laughing, don't laugh too hard - it happens to you too!! Be warned. When you start putting oil in your hair you'll never go back!!

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