Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I rock!

Yesterday I got paid.

There were a few things that I've been wanting to do that I couldn't do till I had some cash to do them. So I:

- Bought a new set of filters for my Brita water pitcher - The water was starting to taste like tap water.
- Bought a new flapper for my potty - The one they left me with was old and didn't fit right so the potty would run and run and run and run...
- Installed the new flapper for my potty!! This is the part where I rock! I've never done that before! And it works now... no more running potty!!
- Bought a new shower head. - My landlords are ghetto. They left me with this scuzy looking shower head that I'm not even sure they cleaned. So I got a pretty new white one.
- Installed the new shower head!! Again, I rock! I took off the old one, stripped off the old thread tape, put on new thread tape and put the new shower head on.
..................This whole fixing stuff thing is cool. Gotta love that feeling of accomplishment.

So those were the things I did yesterday! I was so productive.
I even had time to watch American Idol, Gilmore Girls, and Scrubs AND call my boyfriend! After that I added some photos to my photo album and then went to bed. What a day.

Ok - That's all for this post. See you all later!!


007ben said...

show us your van.

WNW said...


Also, what happened with that Xbox thing?