Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Number 2

Ok - on to lighter topics!

Over the weekend I played basketball - H.O.R.S.E style against my boyfriend and my sister and I won! I rock!

On Sunday we all went to the beach. At the beach we dug in the sand and my daughter almost drowned me! LOL
I was getting some water in a bucket, and my daughter was holding my hand as the wave came in. I tried to turn and get out of the way of the water, but my daughter panicked and tried to hold on to me instead of running from the water. In the panic she almost tripped me which would have taken both of us down into the water. Scar-eeee. Needless to say we made it out ok, didn't even swallow any water! Of course, I did have help from my sister.

After the beach, driving home, we saw a truck/suv/something on fire. It was crazy hot! As we were driving up to where it was sitting, burning, it exploded a bit and a large blast of fire blew out to one side of it. It almost made me not want to drive by it. When we finally did drive by we could feel the heat inside the car even though the windows were up and the air was on.

About a half mile down the road past the burning vehicle we crossed an emergency vehicle going the other direction towards the burning car-thing. Luckily we went past it before that got there so we didn't get stuck behind an emergency vehicle safety road block.

So, that was my weekend. Today my throat hurts, or rather, the top part of my chest hurts when I breath or talk, which sucks. That's ok though. At least I'm not sick. Well, in any other way at least.

- Nite all!


WNW said...

"we saw a truck/suv/something on fire. It was crazy hot!"

yeah, fire does that

007ben said...

you should post your newest hack too.

WNW said...

I just bought a 57 inch television. I am the American dream!