Monday, February 07, 2005

Talking like: Captain Kirk
Internal dialogue: I am yogurt girl!

Today I got up and ate yogurt for breakfast. It was good.

Ok, update on the last few days/weeks? It's not in the appropriate order, but it's an update anyway...

I bought a mini-van. Love it love it love it!!
I can go so many places that I avoided before because they took too long.
Gonna go to Oasis market soon, I sorely missed the vegitarian chili. That stuff is soooo good.

I've been to Albany almost every weekend for the last month, I love going up there but I fear that my friends are starting to get annoyed that I don't stay in town to do stuff with them anymore.

I moved!! Finally! I'm in my new apartment, two bedroom, new carpet/paint, big'ish kitchen, more room over all. Love it love it love it. LOVE IT. My new apartment makes me want to hang out at home more!

I need a swiffer wet jet. I now have soooo much kitchen floor. A swiffer would rock.
I need a new broom. Don't want to use the old one on the new floor, and it got left in the old apartment besides.

I bought DDR Extreme in anticipation of getting my XBox... any day now... in the mail. It's still not here, but I was able to play at my boyfriends house last weekend. That's when I bought it of course. It was great! I can't wait to get my XBox. I really hope I didn't get jipped out of $223 bucks!

Ok, I think that's it for now. I hope this will hold you all for a while because inevitably I'll forget to post again for a very long time. Next time it will likely be less interesting... all the eventful things have come and gone.

Oh wait!!! There's more...
I got more memory for my PC! So now my Sims are running much faster!! I love that too!

See you later!

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WNW said...

Wait what I...wait, WHAT? Xbox? Pay? DDR? $223 bucks!?!?!?!?! You and I are having a talk tomorrow girl!