Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Death and Taxes

So ~ It's been an eventful day.

1. My mom wants me to buy her a battery for her car because she's broke and needs it to get back and forth between here and Oakridge.
2. My son missed the bus after school so I had to go pick him up from his friends house after school.
3. I found out I have only a week and some to ride the bus. The LTD bus drivers are going on strike as of January 30th. ... I don't have a car. This sucks.
....4th - and worst of all - I found out my boyfriend's dad is in the hospital. His lungs are screwed and he may not live.

Explaining it all...

My mom called me last night about the battery, but I didn't buy it till today. I wasn't sure that I was going to untill today because it's like 40 bucks and I'd already spent most of my paycheck over the weekend.

My son had a field trip to go bowling at Timberbowl and apparently it got back kinda late and he was slow getting to the bus. So he went to his friends house and called me from there. ... Had he done what he was supposed to do today, which was go to Orchestra practice, he would have been able to go home on the public bus.

When I got on my last bus home tonight after going to the bank, the bus driver got back on from her break. She'd just heard that it was official. The bus drivers are going on strike. F*CK. I don't have a frickin' car! My work is just a little too far to ride my bike to in the morning, I think. I guess I'll find out soon enough. I'm getting a car, but not till my taxes come back in early February because I have to wait for the 1099 form (the same as a W2) from unemployment before I can file. This sucks.

Last but not least... I called my boyfriend just to say hi - you know, one of those lovey-dovey things that you do. He asked if he could call me back, I was gonna tell him I was going to bed anyway, I'd just wanted to say hi. He told me then that his dad was in the hospital, that he was on the phone with his mom right then. He called me back a few minutes later. He said that his dad was in the hospital and that he may not live much longer.
I love my boyfriends dad. I've known him since I was, like, 18 or so. I've always called him Dad. I never call him by his real name... he's just Dad. I don't have a dad you know. So he's pretty darn close. I'm crying right now. This just sucks. worse than the last thing that I said sucked.

Well, that's all for tonight.
Sleep well everybody.


WNW said...

Sorry to hear it superstar. I don't think you'll have to much to worry about with the bus thing. There are a LOT of people at work who depend on that for thier ride. I'm sure something will get worked out. Organized carpools or something.

007ben said...

it will work out. it has too.

just don't get a suck car.

WNW said...

You need to buy a slammed 72 Gremlin!


WNW said...