Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Wow - I am SO sorry!

My usual excuses.... I've been busy. I have a new boyfriend, and I've been in another city for the last three weekends.

New years was great, as was x-mas, although I think I posted about xmas.

New Years we went to a bar where my boyfriend's brother had made reservations. I ate popcorn shrimp which was good, but it wasn't really popcorn shrimp. It was actually just really small shrimp in a big pile. LOL. I was the star of the dance floor. I danced to almost every song. The sad thing was is that I was the best dancer there, and I suck!! LOL .
The band sucked. I decided at that point that I'm not real fond of my boyfriend's sister-in-law. She is an alcoholic and wants to make everyone around her an alcoholic too. She likes me though. She was hitting on me all night. When she finally got the hint that I'm not really that way, she started hitting on the other girl that was with us at our table and on the other girls husband, which was actually her ex-husband. It was creepy really. I am not sure that I want to be involved in that mess in the future. My boyfriend's brother is really neat, but I hate to see what this kind of thing must be doing to him. Meh. None of my business really. Maybe he's happy like that. Who knows. Doesn't really matter to me, as long as my honey isn't unhappy because of it.
Anyway, I looked really cute, I even wore a skirt!!! and Heels!! My feet were all hurting by the time the night was over, but I had fun and ignored it till it was through.

- Last week I went and saw Nathan's baby, finally, Sandy gave me a ride over there because she was going anyway, and she lives by me. Nathan's baby is SOOO cute. I got to hold her even. She's like a little doll, literally. I would have held her longer, but Sandy was really into her so I let her play most of the time. While I talked to Nathan.

- Over the weekend I bought two movies: The day after tomorrow, and Someone like you. Both are great movies. Both I've seen before. I just had to get The Day After Tomorrow though, cuz I saw on the news last week, or the week before, whenever those huge storms in California were, that there were Tornados in California!! WTF????

- I'm watching the new John Mayer video, Daughters, right now. I really need to buy this new album.

- I'm really happy right now. Not sure what's going on in the next couple of months, as I had a prohibition on living with a man till I got married... but I've since decided that I don't want to wait and have made tentative plans to move to Albany and commute to Springfield for work. I've also found out recently that my apartment is ready. You know, the one I've been waiting since October for?!?! She said they just have to finish putting in the carpet and I should be able to move in a week. Suck. So right now I'm just waiting to hear from my boyfriend on the actual move date. And debating with myself as to whether I want to even do that or not. I do. But I'm afraid the want to move in with him is in haste. I don't want to do this and then find out something awful about him, like that his brother and sister-in-law have turned him into an alcoholic and he's going to drink every time he goes to their house. Just as a side note, this looks like it may be the case already.... So yeah, I'm afraid to get into that whole co-dependant situation. Been there, done that with my mom. I couldn't handle that with him. I'm going to talk with him about that on the 14th. I guess if I turn down that apartment it would be ok, it would just mean moving somewhere else. I've been thinking about moving into the apartments on centennial anyway. They have washer/dryer included.

Ok, I'm going now. This turned into a really long post and I gotta get some sleep. Have a great week if I don't post again. I hope the beginning of the new year is good to you. Don't waste a day. Every one matters.


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